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The Total Experience BETA

Join Sade and her team of experts for 3 day experience. If you're a speaker, expert, coach, entrepreneur, or executive The "Total Experience" is a dream come true!!!

Mastermind and strategic coaching
public and motivational speaking coaching

Clinics and Video Rehersals
Video practice

Mobile Technology training
Sade will give you hands on training to unleash the power of your smartphone and other mobile devices. Sade often likes to say that their is a powerful studio in the palm of your hand, but only if you know how to unlock and unleash it!

Podcast Training
Developing show topics
Utlizing mobile audio technology
Voice practice
Mobile graphics and apps

Photo shoot
Custom photo shoot (including makeup)
Confidence coaching for photo shoot

Your Own Custom Video shoot

*Doesn't include meals, hotel, or transportation.

One on One Strategy Mastermind Coaching

The primary benefits you will experience from participating in Sade's One on One Mastermind Coaching:

Get your questions answered about what you’re doing.Talk through how to solve problems you may be encountering. Receive new ideas that you may have never thought of to improve what you’re doing. Why limit yourself to just your own ideas?! Get a second opinion about decisions. Be held accountable! Sade only has a very limited amount of mastermind coaching client slots available. Sade keeps the amount of mastermind clients small so that there is ample focus each client and their unique business challenges and opportunities.

Coaching Areas
  • Branding and Image
  • Image and Style
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Online Video and Confidence 
  • Livestream Coaching

Signature Branding Headshot Photography and Video Services
  • Headshots
  • Business/Lifestyle Photos
  • Website and Social Media Videos

Podcast and Audio Services
  • Podcast Consultation-Development-Production
  • Audio Real Development and Editing

Mastermind Business Branding Strategic Coaching