• Marketing & PR Communication

  • Confidece Presence Training  

  • Live Streaming and Media Services

  • Red Carpet and Green Room Interviews

  • CEO and Exective Director, C-Suite Exectuve Personal Branding and Image Consulting and Services-

  • Clients served: Kellog Foundation, Breast Cancer Resource Committee, Pittsburg Multicultural Center, InRoads,

  • Executive Image Workshops and Seminars 

  • Live Stream and Video Training for Executives

  • Executive Headshots and Consulting

  • Editorial Photography
Marketing is not the same industry it was ten or even five years ago. Business is moving away from traditional tactics, like as billboards and commercials, to much more unique and cutting-edge strategies that provide more personalization, small teams, and niche expertise, to accommodate brands’ more distinctive needs.

We want to learn your brand's needs. We also want to support your brand through intiatives with our niche expertise and ability to be more flexible and faced pace than larger opeations. No longer is bigger is always better!