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Are you ready to… Gain clarity. Get unstuck. Get moving forward? How about grow your brand and bottom lines?
Here at Igninte Branding with Sade Dennis, our goal is to help you develop your personal or professional brand.

Our approach is simple, we help you tap into your passions and purpose. We do this by engaging you with a conversation, as well as what we call our 4p360 process, a results-driven and highly customized process that will set you forth as an expert and polished professional. We'll  learn more about you, what drives you and fuels your passions and  help you find the most enhanced way of packaging and branding those passions.

We also coach you to the finish line. What's unique about our process is that, not only do we coach and consult with you, but  we also execute many of the services in house, so we'd like to say that we're your one stop shop for all of your branding needs. We've helped entrepreneurs, career professionals, leaders in ministry, authors, speakers, and those that want a more purpose filled life...what we call the extraordinarily life!

If you are a professional speaker, corporate consultant, business coach, or small business owner, are you ready to take your business to the next level? It’s time to stop struggling. Team up with Sade to clarify your brand and create your brand!

It’s time to stop struggling – it’s time to take your business to the next level. You’ll enjoy teaming with Sade in this exciting,  Step up and out, and get ready to shine!

Let’s get started today!

Sade Dennis, MS, Branding Strategist and Designer, Speaker, Image Consultant Extraordinaire is a Dennis Companies Global Brand (c)  301-346-7950,
When I started working with Sade, I was a "hot mess," as my daughter likes to say. I had no style (and frankly still don't unless Sade is helping me). I didn't really care what my hair looked like. As long as it was neat, I didn't bother with changing my hairstyles. I rarely shopped for shoes or clothes. In fact, if I found a pair of shoes I liked, I bought it in all the colors. I have shoes that are torn up from the floor up and are older than my 16-year-old.

But now when I go show up at speaking events as the keynote, or when I was asked to the White House under President George W. Bush or when I appeared on "Meet the Press" I looked fabulous. And I can only give credit to Sade.

Michelle Singletary
Author, Speaker, Columnist for The Washington Post

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